Academic Council

Academic Council

  • The Academic Council is the highest body of collegial management of the university.
  • The composition of the Academic Council is approved annually.
  • The Chairman of the Academic Council is the Rector of Baishev University.
  • The Vice—Chairman is the Vice-rector for the field of activity.
  • The Chairman organizes the work of the Academic Council and ensures its activities in accordance with the order of the acting The Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On approval of the Standard Rules of the Academic Council of a higher educational institution and the procedure for its election” dated November 22, 2007, No. 574 and other New normative legal acts in the field of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the intra-university document QMS P 01-2019 “Regulations on the Academic Council”.
  • The Academic Council organizes its work on the basis of an approved work plan for the academic year.

The objectives of the Academic Council:

  • creating the necessary conditions for students and the teaching staff of the university in order to successfully implement professional training programs;
  • providing financial support, strengthening the material and technical base of the university;
  • assistance to the further development of the university.

The activities of the Academic Council are based on the transparency of collective discussion of issues within its competence.

The competence of the Academic Council includes:

  • Approval of the university structure;
  • Amendments and additions to the University Charter;
  • Creation, reorganization and liquidation of educational and scientific departments of the university;
  • Definition of the concept (strategy) of university development;
  • Decision-making on all fundamental issues of the organization of educational, methodological, socio-educational, international, scientific, innovative and economic activities of the university;
  • Listening to the annual reports of the rector, vice—rectors, heads of structural divisions, reports on the forms and methods of conducting educational, research, educational, financial, economic, informational and international activities, etc.;
  • Approval of curricula of all levels and forms of education;
  • Consideration and recommendation for the publication of textbooks and teaching aids, educational and methodological developments, monographs, etc.;
  • Making a decision on transferring students from a paid department to an educational grant and to study in the form of an external course;
  • Making a decision on the appointment of a scholarship established by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and personal scholarships;
  • Approval of topics and scientific supervisors of undergraduates on dissertations (projects), students on theses (projects);
  • Organization of control over the financial and economic activities of the university;
  • Determining the procedure for using extra-budgetary funds, as well as directions for reinvesting income received by the university through the provision of paid educational services and the sale of manufactured products;
  • Approval and awarding of honorary titles, scholarships and prizes;
  • Consideration of issues on the presentation of university staff, creative teams to government awards and honorary titles;
  • Considers questions about the representation of university scientists for the assignment of academic titles;
  • Consideration of other issues of the university’s current activities that require a collegial decision.
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