Сheerful and resourceful club

Сheerful and resourceful club

The Club of the Cheerful and Resourceful (hereinafter — KVN) is a voluntary association of students focused on universal values, developing tolerance, creativity, and acting.

Goals and objectives of the KVN:

  • development and support of the KVN youth movement;
  • implementation of youth policy;
  • attracting young people to active political and public life;
  • popularization of the KVN movement and promotion of local KVN teams to the Kazakh and international levels;
  • formation of an attitude towards an active lifestyle among young people, skills of socially responsible behavior, as well as the promotion of the values of humanism and a healthy lifestyle.

To achieve these goals, the following tasks are being solved:

  • the development of intellectual and creative abilities of young people through active artistic and aesthetic forms of activity;
  • formation of the need for self-realization and self-development;
  • creating an environment for creative communication of KVN participants;
  • patriotic education of youth;
  • expansion of friendly relations between educational institutions and student groups;
  • identification of the most proactive and creative individuals to involve them in the organization of KVN and other events;

The activities of KVN

  • preparation of performances at the KVN Games;
  • regular participation of the university team in KVN competitions of various levels;
  • participation in cultural and entertainment events of the University, including during state and national holidays;
  • preparation and training of junior students to participate in the KVN games, education of the young shift.
  • creating conditions for self-realization for teenage members of the organization through the use of their skills and abilities and the manifestation of abilities for the benefit of other people;